7 Ways to Make Money Blogging

I came across this awesome mind map the folks over at Problogger put together with 7 ways you can make money blogging.

Make Money Blogging

What I LOVE about blogging is that once you master a few easy principles, it doesn’t take long to do it over and over again, and you can create really remarkable results in your business (especially if you’re blogging on a frequent basis).

Here are justĀ 7 Ways to Make Money Blogging:

  1. Selling Services
  2. Selling Advertising
  3. Selling Affiliate Products
  4. Selling or Flipping Blogs
  5. Selling a Continuity Program
  6. Selling Products (either Physical or Digital)
  7. Indirect Revenue

Do a quick inventory… what are you selling right now on your blog?

What have you overlooked that you now see as a big opportunity?

Leave me a comment below with the answer to each question.

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Live Without Limits,


Ashley Acker