Choose What You Want MOST


I’m sure you’ve heard this conversation in some form of another…

“Gosh, I really need to get back in shape and lose some weight.”

“Why don’t you come to the gym with me in the morning? I go every day.”

“I just don’t have the discipline to get up early like you do.”

Does that sound familiar?

Have you ever heard someone making excuses because of discipline? (I mean, I know it’s not YOU making those excuses, right?) ;)

We say we don’t have the discipline to get up early, to exercise, to eat healthy, to quit smoking, to achieve our goals…

But each and every one of us IS disciplined, just not in the right things.

We’re disciplined to watch TV every night.

We’re disciplined at sleeping through 3 alarms in the morning.

We’re disciplined at going through the drive through.

We’re disciplined at quitting work at a certain time.

You’re choosing the things you want NOW, over what you want MOST.

Discipline, is all about switching that equation around.

Choose what you want MOST, over what you want NOW, in the moment.

Do you want to start making $10,000/month in your business? Or do you want to stay in debt?

Do you want to build a business that can more than provide for your family? Or do you want to stay broke in your dead end job?

Do you want to make a difference in your customer and client’s lives? Or do you want to watch another season of American Idol?

Stop choosing what you want NOW, over what you want MOST and you’ll start seeing progress. And change. And transformation in your life and business.

Jim Rohn said, “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.” Which one will you choose? 

If you’re ready to choose discipline that will propel you towards achieving your dreams, check out how this simple system and training can transform your business and your life.

Live Without Limits,

Ashley Acker