Buyers Buy More: Add a TripWire to Your Sales Funnel


There’s this crazy psychology that causes, or rather compels, buyers to buy more. Think about it… if you’ve ever been at the store and you’ve made an impulse buy, you’re more likely to think, “what the heck, I’ll get X too.”

It happens all the time! Retails stores know this and capitalize on it by where and how they position their merchandise.

The same is true when we buy online.

It’s why Amazon shows you a “People who bought this, also bought that…” immediately after you put something in your cart.

Buyers keep buying.

One of the easiest ways to capitalize on this psychological phenomenon is to add what’s called a tripwire, into your sales funnel.

A tripwire is a low cost offer, usually under $20, that people are offered immediately after they get your lead magnet (what you give away for free on your website or squeeze page).

A tripwire might be a book, a report or case study, a short video series, a webinar, templates or checklists, software, a graphics pack, or depending on your market, it might even be a low cost physical product you mail out.

Your tripwire should:

  • Be critical to the process you teach (e.g., your area of expertise), but slightly incomplete (so they need to buy your core offer).
  • Provide tremendous value (so much value that you feel a little uncomfortable giving it away at such a low cost).
  • Shift leads and lookers to buyers and customers.
  • Cover (or at least help cover) any advertising or lead acquisition costs you incur.

This is one of the most important parts of the sales funnel because once someone says a small “yes,” it gets easier and easier for them to say “yes” again and again to bigger purchases.

Buyers buy more, so you want to convert your leads to buyers as quickly as possible.

Leave me a comment with any questions or tell me what you have in place for your tripwire.

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Live Without Limits,

Ashley Acker