Someone Just Sent Me a Ridiculous Email… [RANT Below]

I received an email last week in response to my “Why I Went to the Hospital Today” email and post.

It was from a woman who’s title was listed as “Communications and Marketing Consultant.” Here’s what she wrote:

Hi Ashley,

Quick feedback: I wish your answer to the subject line was just right in this email. I don’t mind clicking to see the occasional video but it’s too much of a bother all the time. (Call me lazy but I’m sadly representative of your audience, I’ll bet.)

So the constructive part of the criticism:
* Include the entire content right in the email more often.
* Could be an infographic, image, or just plain words, not too long. I suppose it could be an attachment, but I’d be less likely to open that too.

CAUTION: Rant Coming…

I was blown away.

(And a little pissed off if I’m honest.)

It’s incredible.

Especially coming from a “marketing” consultant, because guess what?!

She doesn’t have a CLUE about marketing!

I’m sharing this today because I want you to be crystal clear about your job as a business owner and entrepreneur.

You are a MARKETER.

In fact, you must become a master marketer. It’s your primary responsibility. If no one knows you’re out there, or does what you ask them to do, you won’t have a business.

So let me break it down for you…

What’s the purpose of your SUBJECT LINE?
To get someone to open your email (my subject line of “Why I went to the hospital today” worked amazingly well – in fact, it had one of my highest open rates).

What’s the purpose of your EMAIL?
Here’s where she’s dead wrong. It’s not for someone to read your email. No way. The PURPOSE of an email is to get someone to TAKE ACTION.

My goal was to get you to watch a video. And surprise, surprise, a huge percentage of you did! Goal accomplished!

The goal of your email is always to get your readers to take the next step – watch a video, read your blog, use a discount code and buy something, register for a webinar, leave a comment or reply to you, etc.

Please don’t miss this!!

Every single piece of content you create should have some type of call to action: click this link, like this post, leave a comment, buy this product, share, retweet, watch this video, download the pdf, etc.

Get it?

This is Marketing 101 and unfortunately, this woman, and way too many others, are missing the basics.

Successful entrepreneurs are better at the basics than anyone else.

Today, go back through the last 10 pieces of content you created and evaluate your subject lines (or headlines/titles) and the content that follows (this might be emails, blog posts, articles or even Facebook posts).

Ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. Is your title or subject line compelling enough on it’s own to get someone to read more?
  2. Is there a single call to action in each piece of content?

[Caution: OVERT CALL TO ACTION Coming…]

And then LEAVE A COMMENT and tell me how you did (e.g., 8/10 had a clear CTA, but I could work on my subject lines).

Live Without Limits,

Ashley Acker