Supercharge Your Targeting with These 2 Resources

Whether you’re writing copy, putting together a lead magnet, or creating an ad, the more you understand your intended target market, the more successful your content will be.

Today, I want to share 2 resources that will supercharge your target market research, enabling you to better reach and better speak to those you can serve the best. is a search engine that pulls up sites that are similar in some way to the one you enter as a search term. For example, if I know my target market is a fan of Magnetic Sponsoring (a community for online network marketers), I would enter its URL into the search engine and I would get back these results:

target market research

This shows me that if someone likes, chances are, they also like, and with Randy Gage.

This gives me really important information I can use with resource #2 I’m going to share with you in a moment, but it also gives me ideas about where my target market is hanging out online. I would go look at all of those similar sites and see:

  1. If I can get involved in the community and have a presence on the site,
  2. If I can buy advertising,
  3. I’d get on their list to find out what kind of content my market is receiving and
  4. I can begin referencing those sites and the terminology they use to speak more directly to my audience.

I would ALSO use that information when I created ads on Facebook. You can tailor ads by interests, so all of those similar sites would become interests (because it’s likely there is a corresponding Facebook Page), giving me better targeting and less expensive clicks.

Alexa is an online clearinghouse that provides analytics for any website. You want to use it to look at the demographics for your target market.

Sticking with our example from before, when I enter into Alexa, I learn that its website visitors are primarily US based males with little to no college experience that are browsing the site from home. If I sign into Alexa Pro, I can also see their age, income level, ethnicity and whether or not they have children.

target market

If I entered the other sites I discovered on into Alexa and looked at their demographics, I would begin to get a really clear picture of my audience. This is important for copy writing, how you’re positioning your offers and especially important if you’re using Facebook Ads to drive traffic. You’ll notice that the targeting on Facebook Ads almost exactly matches the demographic data provided by Alexa.

Take Action

Today, I want you to spend at least 15-20 minutes entering the key websites for your target market into these 2 sites. Even if you think you know everything you could possibly know about them, you might discover something new that could be beneficial (for example, I would never have guessed that the second most popular country to visit is Russia).

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