The Only 3 Things to Do Each Day to Grow Your Business

Would you like to transform your home business in the next 90 days? Yeah? Heck, yeah?

Great. That’s what I thought.

Today I want to share the ONLY 3 things you should be focused on each and every day to see an utter transformation in your life and business in the next 3 months.

work from homeEach and every day, focus on:

  1. Your Mindset

  2. List Building

  3. Conversions

Okay, let’s break those down.

Your Mindset

Let’s face it – being an entrepreneur is hard. And honestly, it’s not your only role. You’re likely ALSO a mom, perhaps an employee if you have a job, you might be a wife or a significant other, a daughter, sister and friend. You’ve got a lot going on, which is why it’s absolutely essential you have the mental fortitude to keep going, keep pushing on to grow your business.

How do you develop your mindset? I think two of the best ways are to 1) read books and 2) listen to audios. When we learn from others that have more experience than us, a different perspective than us, we get stronger. 99.9% of people are NOT taking the time to do this. This will place you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition if you take it seriously and build a discipline around expanding your mindset.

List Building

When you have an online business, your list is critical. It’s the list of emails – the people – you’ll be communicating with on a regular basis, building relationships with and who will hopefully become your customers.

No excuses, you must do something every single day to build your list.

So what does that look like? Well, you might place an ad on Facebook or CraigsList, buy targeted traffic to drive to one of your squeeze pages, secure a guest blogging post, post in targeted Facebook groups or forums, etc. There are so many different ways you can build your list, you just need to be purposeful, each and every day, to drive traffic to your capture pages so NEW people are coming into your sales funnel.


The final thing you want to focus on each and every day is conversions. There are a few different conversions you want to think about, the first of which I mentioned with list building. How well does your lead magnet convert traffic to opt-ins? How many people land on your squeeze page and actually join your list? Start testing different ways to improve your lead magnet and capture page to boost conversions.

You also want to test the conversion of leads (people on your list) to sales. Are they buying anything? Are they becoming customers? You may try converting them through a webinar, an email, direct mail, etc.

And then finally, once they become customers, how is your conversion to upsets or repeat sales? How is your entire funnel converting?

Think about how you can convert people each and every day to the next level of your sales funnel and you’ll see dramatic results and changes in your business in a short period of time.

Have you been focusing on these 3 things each day? It’s time to transform your business – start today!

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Live Without Limits,

Ashley Acker